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Wear resistant compound plate

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We have many years of experience in producing Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Plate, and have a number of Self-development automatic hardfacing machines. With the currently the most advanced surface welding technique and the self developed excellent high quality welding wire, on the base plate ( Q235B or other steel plates as customized ), Surface-welded hypereutectic high Chromium alloy wear resistant compound steel plate. In our compound plates, the metallic compounds are distributed by a more diffuse form on the solid solution base plate and are actually used as reinforcement phase, and significantly increased the alloy's intensity, hardness and wearability.

Now, we got average output more then ten thousans tons of wear plates per year. With the high abrasion, impact performance, corrosion resistance and high ductility, our plates extremely apply for the badly abrased working conditions. Our plates and the wear resistant plate products could effective prolonging the life of related industries' equipment, reducing downtime and minimizing maintenance. We are received well recognition and trust in Cement, Steel, Mining industry and other related industries.


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