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In what circumstances will the surfacing of wear-resisting plate affect the service life?

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Hardfacing wear-resisting plate is a kind of metal composite material. The reason why people choose it is because it has a strong length, and it can also be suitable for a variety of different environments. But some people will find that there will still be wear in the process of use, which is mainly because the method used is not correct.

Whether the surfacing wear-resisting plate can have a better service life mainly depends on the strength of its raw materials. If the strength of the raw materials is higher, it will have better wear resistance. However, in the current market, there will be a variety of manufacturers, and the quality of each manufacturer will be different. Therefore, if the selected material does not have good wear resistance, it will affect the ductility to a certain extent and reduce the service life.


Temperature is the change of the molecular structure, in order to effectively change the wear-resisting performance, also need to focus on the speed of oxidation, in short, in the use of surfacing welding wear-resisting board, if the temperature is gradually ascending will inevitably increase wear and tear strength, although now have a lot of material to be able to meet the characteristics of high temperature, such as plus alloy composition, At least can meet the high temperature of 800 degrees, but the higher the temperature is bound to increase the wear force, which is proportional to the daily use of the process also need to pay attention to these details, as far as possible not to be in a high temperature environment for a long time.

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