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What are some of the main characteristics of wear-resistant steel plate?

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What is wear-resistant steel plate? Perhaps many people do not understand the commonly used wear-resisting steel plate, mainly because of excellent toughness, can meet a certain thickness, and has excellent wear-resisting effect. In addition, he also has a variety of different materials, common casting wear-resistant steel plate, and a kind of alloy steel plate, but what kind of characteristics does it have?

Wear-resistant steel plate is mainly made of alloy and low carbon steel plate combination, is about 1/2 of the total thickness, when working can provide comprehensive properties, such as strength of resistance to external forces, and toughness. There are made up by material alloy steel plate is by special equipment using automatic welding technique to homogeneous welding, on the base plate has the effect of the compound, and because in the process of composite alloy contraction ratio is different, it has more significant effect, in the process of using basic can appear not easy to wear and tear.

Alloy wear resistant steel plate mainly choose the material of alloy, which can also add some different composition of alloy, the alloy composition will present fiber distribution, hardness estimates up to 1700 ~ 2000, the surface hardness can maintain 58 to 62 or so, even in the case of high temperature has a good stability, but also can reflect better antioxidant effect, so the temperature within the 500 degrees, the high temperature layer plate can be used, don't worry about the problem.


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