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Hardfacing wear plate manufacturers for mines and quarries of advanced wear protection solutions

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Thanks to shaoxin wear resistant steel plate engineering wear protection solutions, operators can be proactive, non-responsive to equipment maintenance, and maximize the service life of the machine. Every process involved in impact and wear in a quarry will suffer severe wear. Pushing equipment to its limits can adversely affect load and production, and unplanned downtime can be bad for your bottom line.


Hardfacing wear plate manufacturers offer a number of solutions to deal with the various wear phenomena that occur on mobiles devices. The wide range of product and service solutions has a service life 12 times longer than traditional tempered steel solutions, which means reduced costs per ton of loading/shipping overtime. The range also includes a lightweight wear protection solution that increases payload capacity by reducing the amount of wear-resistant lining, resulting in improved profit margins per load.

A common misconception is that it's cheaper to buy new parts and throw them away at the end of their useful life. Since this option does not extend the overall service life and eventually the same problem will occur again, it is more expensive to change the plant than to invest in a soldering alloy wear protection solution. We developed these products for these applications in a workshop on surfacing wear resistant steel plates. To avoid deformation and weakening of the base metal, special welding procedures have been developed and automatic welding has been performed using automatic welders. Automated welding equipment ensures complete repeatability of deposited quality. A buffer layer is applied before the hardfacing wear plate product is applied to such hard-to-weld steel.

The flux-cored wires used in this application are characterized by high wear resistance at low impact conditions. Only one layer of wear resistance. As such, the product is ideal for applications requiring flat deposition. After several years of practice has proved that the application has been applied in other components, such as bulldozers, grader or leveler shovel, bucket dredger, reclaimer, stacking machine, conveyor, bucket, and the other in mineral processing, mining, quarry and mine, the application of civil engineering, cement, coal-fired power stations, etc.

Shaoxin -- Hardfacing wear-resistant plate manufacturers provide all customers with free wear audit, so if operators are unsure of how much life their parts have left, you can contact us for expert advice.

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