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How can wear-resistant lining avoid more wear?

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In the use of wear-resisting lining board process, because the method is not correct, easy to appear inertia, will increase the phenomenon of wear, why wear? For example, in the process of running ash, there will be impact on the pipeline, and it is easy to appear many wear phenomena, which will have an impact. Then how should we solve this problem?

To solve wear resistant lining board of wear and tear, first of all, you should remove ash, because of in use process because of the role of inertia can result in ash concentration increases gradually, the late can form vortex, once velocity in speed, easy to appear the phenomenon of wear and tear, and in the process of running, because the ash concentration gradually increases, can also lead to plate wear rate gradually enhanced, so it should be caused take seriously.

Exactly how to reduce the abrasion of wear resistant lining board, suggested that in the process of design need to make sure that reasonable board line layout, improve the service life of equipment, you also need to strengthen the use of eccentric steel choice, in the design process also need reasonable matching, to ensure reasonable flow can effectively reduce the wear phenomena in the process of running, the methods used by the general as long as it is not easy to correct will appear obvious wear phenomenon, these are in the process of using pipeline must master the skill, or really late will affect.

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