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What are the main advantages of bimetallic composite wear - resistant lining?

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Double metal composite wear resistant lining board is a kind of composite material, and has a certain difference between ordinary double metal, can reflect the following a few characteristics, first of all have good comprehensive performance, double metal composite wear resistant lining board is made of high complexing gold materials, have abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance effect, at the same time also can bring about strong mechanical strength.

Bimetallic compound wear-resisting lining board has high wear resistance, the hard carbide that contains inside, occupy about 45%, can bring better tenacity so, wear-resisting degree can reach 55 above, and have better wear resistance, because this is recognized. And in some cases can reflect more advantages, bimetallic composite wear resistant liner has a better heat resistance, but also reflect the effect of wear resistance.

Bimetallic composite wear-resisting lining board is made by casting process, and it will act in the actual manufacturing environment in the whole process. Since the whole system will be separated from the sand, it will not be a conventional casting process. In a vacuum casting system, defects can be avoided and pores are not easy to form. Currently, manufacturers have unique advantages in the actual production process. However, many people do not know about this material and do not know what advantages it has.

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