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What is a wear-resistant pipe? What are the categories?

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Wear resistant pipe is a common pipe material, which also contains a variety of structures, is a major role to assist food raw material conveying pipeline, has many characteristics, such as large flow, high hardness, rapid velocity, in the process of conveying can have a series of effects on the wall, he just what kind of classification?


The application of wear-resistant pipes is widely used in the machinery industry, building materials industry, petroleum industry, coal industry and electric power industry. Mainly conveying cement, mineral powder, magnesium powder, and ash, but there is also a situation at this time, such as wear is relatively fast, sometimes in the transport of strong corrosive objects, it is more prone to corrosion phenomenon, so we must pay attention to its classification.

General classification of wear - resistant pipes, from the present situation, the main into more than molecular polyethylene enzyme wear - resistant pipes, or rubber pipes. Rubber pipe is mainly of hard structure, through the physical rubber itself can reduce the force of the structure, such as corrosivity or impact force, but because the rubber has a certain buffering effect, can effectively extend the service life. As to which classification to choose, it is mainly based on the industrial environment. You can choose from any of the above.

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