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Why do we need cold treatment for hardfacing wear plate?

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Hardfacing wear-resisting steel plate has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, at the same time the strength is relatively high, not easy to deformation, suitable for a variety of different occasions to use, but there are some people will find in the process of use are to cold treatment, but why do you want to cold treatment?

In the current metal materials, hardfacing wear-resisting board has already filled the blank of log building decoration, which can effectively improve the grade of municipal facilities and construction facilities, and can drive the whole industry into the stage of environmental protection. At the same time, it can greatly save resources and protect the ecological environment. With the gradual improvement of living conditions, people usually use such materials, but every detail needs to be taken into account in the process of use.

First of all, the reason why the hardfacing wear-resisting board needs to be cold-treated is that the material with high hardness is easy to have pores in the welding process. At this time, it must be cold-treated. After cold-treated, the wear-resisting effect can be improved and the hardness is stronger. However, in the process of cold treatment need to pay attention to the time, as well as the temperature, the cold treatment temperature of each different material will be different, it is generally between minus 20 degrees to minus 80 degrees, how to choose also please consult the manufacturer, the cold treatment time do not exceed half an hour, so can effectively improve the wear resistance.

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